Why Enter

Why enter

  • The winning playhouse will have the opportunity to be built at a major residential scheme
  • Each entry will be seen and assessed by the AJ and James Hardie
  • The winning playhouse and shortlisted proposals will appear online and in the AJ in September
  • £1,000 honorarium for shortlisted entrants
  • Additional £2,500 for the winning practice or team to work up and deliver their design on a one-off basis
  • Free to enter

​Terms and Conditions

In exchange for the additional fee of £2,500, the winning team/architect is allowing James Hardie/ Berkeley to build a playhouse or series of playhouses to that winning design for Green Park Village. The decision on whether or not to proceed and build the winning design rests with James Hardie/ Berkeley alone. The £2,500 fee will only be paid to the winning team if James Hardie/ Berkeley decides to proceed with the design. All build costs to be covered by James Hardie/ Berkeley. Copyright on all submitted proposals is retained by the architect throughout the process.


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